KEUCO Disinfectant Buzzer – Save 20% if you’re an IOM business

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Introducing the Disinfectant Buzzer by KEUCO, a truly exquisite designer dispenser for anti-bacterial hand sanitiser.

Are you an Isle of Man-based business? Save 20% on your purchase with our time-limited introductory offer!

The new normal doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice great design. Blending beautiful aesthetics and pure functionality, the KEUCO Disinfectant Buzzer is crafted to catch the eye whilst keeping your clients and business safe.

It couldn’t be easier to use: simply press the large buzzer for a dose of liquid or gel disinfectant.

The interior 750 ml container can be easily filled with the commercially available disinfectant of your choice.

Make a statement in a foyer or reception area with a choice of sublime designs; from vibrant and colourful patterns to sleek metallics.

Featured patterned model £517.20 inc VAT (RRP)

Plain colour models £430.92 inc VAT (RRP)

Full electric touch-free and wall-mounted models are also available. Please contact us for details.

Local business? Save 20%

If you’re a local Isle of Man business, get in touch and quote discount code ‘COVID19’ to save 20% on this stunning KEUCO disinfectant dispenser – Plain colour models £285, patterned models £395.

Visit our showroom or contact us by phone or email for further details and pricing.

Introductory offer ends Saturday 20 March 2021, 17:00 GMT

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